A Montana Landmark
For Over 70 Years


Who is it for?
Snappy's Rewards is for our loyal customers.

How do I get one?
Snappy's Rewards Card (Nicknamed "THE CARD") can be obtained from any cashier. When you make your purchase our Cashiers will be happy to set you up with a rewards card. There is NO COST and only takes a couple of moments. You can also use the form below to request an account be setup. Just include your name and phone you would like us to use.

What is it?
Snappy's Rewards is a loyalty program designed to help reward our repeat customers. You will earn points for each dollar you spend in the store. These points will be converted to dollar discount certificates. Periodic and special promotions will also be offered to reward members. Snappy's WILL NOT be sharing this information with anyone else.

How does it work?
Snappy's Reward customers accrue points at 1 point per $1 spend. For every 250 points you will receive a $5 certificate. These certificates will be valid for 60 days. You can redeem them on any purchase greater than or equal to the amount of the certificate totals. Points will be automatically credited to your rewards card on the next business day after the purchase. Cards must be presented (or looked up) at the time of purchase. Certificates will be printed with the receipt as they are earned.

Layaways and Special Orders will count toward the rewards balance upon complete payment and pickup of said orders.

All points do not expire. That means you can take as long or as little time as you need to get your 250 points. Once you reach that goal, you will be issues a reward certificate that will be valid for the next 60 days.

GiftCards, Shop Labor, Shipping, State and Federal Licenses and Permits are not elligible for rewards points. Certain limitations my apply. Snappy's reserves the right to adjust promotional values of rewards points or exclude certain items.

Terms of Service:
Rewards are unique to the customer. They can only be redeemed once. Certificates cannot be transferred or re-used. Certificates have no monetary value. Expired certificates will not be re-issued. Due to software limitations, points will be calculated only on transactions where “THE CARD” has been presented at the time of purchase. Reward Point balances will be updated daily and points will be posted for transactions the following business day. Certificates cannot be used for purchase on licenses, special order deposits, or gift cards. Reward coupons cannot be used as payment on layaways or special orders. Rewards are redeemed as discounts on product and as such cannot be reissued upon return or exchanging items.

Accrual: All purchases of items will count toward rewards. Any returns will be subtracted. Layaway items are credited upon completion of the layaway. Special Order items will be credited toward the rewards upon the pickup and pay off of the special order. Gift Card Purchases and State Licenses / Permits are excluded from the Rewards program